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Annie tull

New York  |  San Francisco  |  Los Angeles

Annie Tull is a rope artist known for her dynamic paintings in space.
Here, light and color converge to create a moment expressed through twisted cotton rope.


fÔret moiré

A canopy of light creates space in this LA warehouse


Sea meets landscape on the shores of Southern California

artist for hire

what I do

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I paint in space using hand-dyed organic cotton ropes, and on canvas using traditional hand-mixed oils. Sometimes I combine the two and allow myself to be mesmerized by the mirage effect these mediums together create.

Large-scale, site-specific installations are my true love, as they activate my creative brain on so many levels. The balance of technical precision in planning these projects with the artistic fluidity of conceiving and refining them as I go is what allows them to be so stunning in the end. I have yet to complete a project that didn't end up far more breathtaking than I had ever imagined in the design phase!

Painting has been the bedrock of my meditation practice since I was young, and after an intense install, I always come back to the easel as a way to release the last project and clear my head for the next one. I find myself continually inspired by the similarities I find between these two mediums, so different as they are on the surface. I'm working on my next collection of « oil + string » paintings now and am really excited to debut them to the public later this year!

how i work

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Each installation requires a multi-phase plan wherein I first gather inspiration, specifications, and details from the client before drawing up a schematic design and a detailed proposal for the timeline, budget, and terms of work. Upon approval and receipt of deposit, the technical work begins! I develop the finer points of the design, source materials and supplies, and book the installation period. Once I'm finally on-site, we get to see the fruits of my labor come to life, and oh, what a magical moment it is to step back and see the precision of perfectly-laid lines blur into a shimmering field of color floating in space!

Pricing + Timeline
Each project receives a detailed proposal based on your unique requirements. Corporate project installation timelines can vary from one to three weeks, but I am also available for longer, multi-month residencies in public and cultural institutions.

who i work with

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Since 2016, I have worked with interior designers, art consultants, and business owners to bring large-scale, site-specific art installations into corporate offices, commercial galleries, local cafés and restaurants, boutique hotels and personal homes. Each client brings new energy to the table and allows me to explore new approaches to my work. Like my portfolio, I am constantly growing and developing new tools and techniques to push my practice further. I am always open to new projects in new places and with new parameters. I hope you won't hesitate to request a proposal - this work is what I live for!

I am largely based out of California and New York, but love to travel and hope to someday have work all across the globe! Got something in Dubai? I'm there! Iceland? Count me in! My dream artist residency would be in the International Space Station or on Antarctica!

Notable Clients
And in case your curiosity is piqued, some notable past clients include Amazon Studios, Rivian Automotive, Twitch TV, Enlisted Design, Hôtel Biron (SF), Greenoaks Capital, PERS Development (LA), Quid Inc., and ABCo Artspace in Oakland, California. I'd love to add you to the list!


series 1

An ethereal garden of hazy delight created in oil on canvas with embroidery floss and other strands of finery

series 2

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Description of collection

The color of Nature

Description of collection


studio location

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Want to stop into the studio? I'm spending 2021 in Providence, Rhode Island, home to the renowned Rhode Island School of Design and the famous summer WaterFire Festival! If you're local, call me to schedule a tour. Otherwise, this is a fabulous place to visit for a weekend outing from NYC, or as part of a longer trip through the gorgeous forests and coastlines of New England, and I'd love to introduce you to some of my favorite spots in the city.

55 Cromwell St
Providence, RI 02907

online presence

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I value personal connection, face-to-face, in real time, which is why I don't regularly partake of social media, but I welcome your phone calls and emails!


+1 (415) 481-2046


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I am (non-exclusively) represented by Building 180 out of San Francisco, and D|A|C Concepts in Miami. If you are an art consultant, curator, or gallerist interested in working with me, I'd be happy to hear from you directly!