Yelp 55 Hawthorne, 2015 - 2017

» corporate interior design collaboration with Studio O+A at the offices of Yelp in San Francisco, California

With over 135 million visitors every month Yelp functions like a giant online marketplace where people meet to exchange information and opinions on the shops, restaurants, entertainments and services that operate in their city, the cities they are soon to visit and the cities they can only dream of.

This idea of a common forum for international markets became the design inspiration for Yelp’s offices at 55 Hawthorne in San Francisco. Each floor springs from the textures and moods of a particular market in a city where Yelp has a significant presence: Istanbul, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam. Drawing on the colors and patterns of four ancient cultures—and four markets that have survived for centuries—we created four spaces brought together by the universal impulse to share experience.

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