Synthetic Poetic

» interior design and entryway installation at the offices of Symbio Robotics in Emeryville, California

» an immersive experience that merges the aesthetic sensibilities of Edgar Allen Poe, Jurassic Park, and The Matrix

When an artificial intelligence company approached me looking for an innovative interiors renovation that would give the feeling of stepping into a world outside our own, I called on the reliably dark and supernatural influences of Edgar Allen Poe to design a space that would surprise, inspire, and ever-so-slightly unnerve those that would come here to do business with robots. Using foam blocks, embroidery thread and house paint, I built my own Cask of Amontillado. Searching antiques fairs and vintage shops, I paired classically masculine shapes with a wondrously fantastical wallpaper reminiscent of The Raven. With each step, you are transported further from the sunny, carefree street outside and into the realm of the unknown.

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