Next Level

» multi-story paracord installation at the offices of Enlisted Design in Oakland, California

» interior design collaboration with Medium Plenty Architects

» featured in Dezeen, Design Milk, Office Snapshots, AiT Magazine (Germany), and Page Magazine (Germany)

"Enlisted is a product and branding design firm that brought us in to strip down and reimagine their full-floor studio space around the corner from us in Uptown Oakland. We collaborated with their founder and lead designer, Beau Oyler, to balance the clean & bright modernism of their product design with the raw feel of a workshop & maker space. The concrete bones of the old mercantile building provide layered rhythm & texture,  juxtaposed with white planes sliding through the light-filled space. New elements & utilities were carefully choreographed to emphasize the monolithic impact of the newly-exposed structure. The subtle backdrop allows the immersive & colorful string art installation by our collaborator and local artist Annie Tull to take top billing, connecting the various work areas as a physical metaphor for the collaborative design process."

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