LiveRamp, 2015

» corporate interior design collaboration with Studio O+A at the offices of LiveRamp in San Francisco, California

It’s no accident that companies which trade in the architecture of information appreciate good infrastructure in a building. LiveRamp collects data from multiple platforms and in multiple formats and assembles it into usable marketing packages for clients. Their San Francisco office on the 17th floor of the old Standard Oil Building is yet another example of a cutting-edge tech company charging into the future from the solid security of a 1920s office tower.

LiveRamp’s backdrop of industrial textures creates a base palette that is muted and constant—but the design story here is far from static. A long footprint lends the space an epic dimension with interior brick and old radiators providing the rustic backdrop for pop-up installations that sit in the space like visitors from the future.

One design pattern repeats throughout the space—it’s the geode effect contrasting surface structures with interiors of a different nature. A coffee pop-up clad in a shell as smooth and white as an egg, opens up to reveal a core of color and pattern. And the pattern echoes the effect again—with Liveramp’s logo embedded in a complex surface design.

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