The Story Behind Namasté, Love

In the Hindu yogic tradition, “namasté” is a solemn greeting that can be translated from Sanskrit to mean “the Divine Light in me sees and honors the Divine Light in you.” In Tibetan Buddhism, the touching of foreheads is a wordless greeting of peace that signifies a similar sentiment.


Namasté, Love | 22in x 28 in | oil on canvas | 2020


In all of my work - from oil paintings that depict the human form engaged in spiritual communion with elements of Nature to organic, habitat-promoting sculpture integrated directly into the landscape - the driving concept is the same: all members of the Earth’s ecosystem play an important part in the miracle that is Life on this planet. In protecting and rehabilitating our natural environment, we honor all that is Light in all that surrounds us, and recognize our place as part of an interconnected community of creatures that make this planet one of a kind in the known universe.

With this painting, “Namasté, Love,” I pay homage to the natural world that teaches, amazes, and sustains me each and every day.


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