Clair de Lune


As I prepare to depart from my perch on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay next month, I’m reflecting on this, the first painting of the Bay that I did several years ago after spending a couple of weeks here, watching the moon rise and set each evening, feeling the pull of the tides, drifting merrily into the soothing darkness of the water lurking so near. Created specifically to fill the double-height wall of my mother’s living room overlooking the bay at Cove Point, this immense oil painting (5' wide by 7' high) seems to capture the essence of the place where a full moon hanging over the glassine water often seems within reach. Spending this holiday season back here in Southern Maryland, interacting with the local community through art shows and pop ups, has been so humbling as I've learned that this image and sentiment resonate with so many residents of this area who also gaze upon the moon and the bay in wonder.

And truly - this is such a special part of the world in that there are so many tributaries to this enormous bay that so many different people get to live on it or access it in a way that is unheard of in many other coastal regions. It is because of this unique natural ecosystem that this image resonates so profoundly with the local community, from the 7 year old boy who begged his dad for the greeting card version to hang in his room, to the couple who bought the first Limited Edition giclée in the series, sharing their own stories of watching the moon rise over the water and feeling as if they could in fact touch it.

Clair de Lune will always have a special place in my heart, as does this place and this community, to whom I am so grateful for the opportunity, inspiration, and experience you have offered me this season and through the years ✨ Thank you!